Pack of 500 Snag-Free Small Black Silicone Rubber Bands Rubberbands for Styling, Kids Hair, Braids Hair, Babies, Hair Twists, Tender-head Scalps, Ethnic Styles and Even Fishing, Urban Essence Brand

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  • Made of SILICONE (not plastic), these easily break-away from hair, which is great for babies, kids and tender-headed adults.
  • The THIN design reduces the chance of it getting tangled in hair.
  • These will generally break automatically within a day or two depending on the chemicals used in hair and weather conditions.

Product Description

Pack of 500 snag-free SILICONE rubber bands. Great for the ends of hair, braids and twists! Much easier to remove than regular rubber bands. These bands are not intended for long-lasting holds because of their break-away feature. More suited for babies, children and tender-headed adults. Also helps to temporarily hold a style while being braided, twisted, etc.

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