Childrens Bath Be Happy Dirty Birdie Bath Powders (1.76 oz.)

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  • Enriched with natural lipid replenishers made of sesame oil and wheat protein.
  • Manufactured with a completely natural base of sea salt
  • Gently foamy because of the use of mild tensides.
  • Given an aroma using aroma mixtures which have a natural essential oil basis
  • Colored with only purely natural colors.

Product Description

Be happy, even when things don't turn out! Red stands for dynamism and zest for life. That is why we have combined the stimulating, warming aromas of rose and vanilla in the red Dreckspatz bath additive. Red is the color of fire. It promotes attentiveness, and stands for vitality and energy, love and passion. Red has a stimulating effect, it opens the heart, and awakens our inner strengths. The balmy rose and vanilla aroma cheers, affords comfort and provides a burst of energy to those with a lethargic nature.

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